Why you should follow us on Twitter

twitter-logoMany of you have noticed that we are in a mild love affair with twitter and our guess is most of you don.t understand why. Ahh, the love of Twitter, let us count a few of the ways::

ONE: Is a great way to get your news. Follow people or companies you like hearing from. Go to your account and listen to what they have to say. You don.t need to follow a million people. You might follow @PrincetonScoop for all things local, @cnnbrk for all mainstream news, @espn for all your sports news.

TWO: Send one message instead of 10. If you and 10 friends are getting together at a bar or sporting event sending one tweet means you don.t have to send 10 texts, assuming they are all .following. you on Twitter.

THREE: Increase your business presence. Gain exposure for your website or blog. Answer and ask questions to your network. Meet new people.it.s all about networking.

We want you on twitter because that.s where you.ll find all of our discounts and deals and keep up to date on what.s happening locally all the time. You won.t find that on our Facebook page or in our newsletter. We have had deals as good as 50% off any item in the store for the first 3 people to run in and shout .PrincetonScoop. or have given away tickets to sporting events and even free ice cream.

It.s easy. Go to http://www.twitter.com and sign up for an account. Then at the top right of the page click FIND PEOPLE..type in PrincetonScoop and click follow.

Then, take us with you. If you have an iPhone, download .Tweetie. and if you have a Blackberry you can download .Twitterberry.. No smartphone? You can still receive our tweets by text message once you have an account by going to http://www.twitter.com/devices and plugging in your cell phone number.

You don.t want to miss out on our deals and discounts now do you?

PS All the cool people are doing it!

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