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Blogged by Nicole Marino Mathews

Have I mentioned I was pregnant for two years? Well, I was .. kind of. I had two beautiful boys 14 months apart so, technically, I did have a .break. for 5 months. However it felt like two years non- stop. During that time I became a big fan of Bellies and Booties Maternity and Infant Boutique in Lawrenceville. I felt an insta .connection with the owner Stephanie Gold. At the time, we both had baby boys and were pregnant again. I loved shopping there with her. She wasn.t the salesgirl but the honest “girlfriend voice” I needed to tell me that a certain outfit just wasn.t working, or was working or made my butt look good. Girlfriends can tell you those things.

I recently heard Stephanie.s son, Austin, was diagnosed with Leukemia and was I shocked..the little boy I remember running around in his Mom.s store has Cancer? I couldn.t believe it. My heart sank for Stephanie and her family.

Then I heard this story and it lifted my heart a bit: A Bellies and Booties co-worker has a 5th grade niece , Jessica, who overheard a conversation about Austin and decided to start making bracelets to sell at the store to support Austin and his family. The black bracelets, Austin.s favorite color, are for sale at Bellies & Booties for $3.

I.m in awe that a 5th grader could be so giving and have such compassion for a little boy she never met. This story of Austin and Jessica gives me hope that good does prevail in the world. It also reminds me of why we shop local and support the people in our community who are following their passions while supporting ours mine. Hey, we all gotta shop (though I refer to it as .supporting the economy..)

In that spirit we think you should stop into Bellies & Booties to buy a bracelet and while you.re there check out the super hip maternity and baby clothes!

And great news.Austin is currently in remission. He.ll still have to undergo chemotherapy for the next 3 years..so you can be pretty sure those bracelets will be there when you get a chance to visit.

Bellies and Booties is located at 4120 Quakerbridge Rd | Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 or visit them on the web at



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