Local Teenage Author Excites PHS with New YA Novel

Impressive news from Princeton High School! Read on:

Fifteen-year old Kenny Xu has spent a year and a half writing, revising, and promoting his 443-page Young Adult novel, causing quite the stir at his local high school in the process. ‘Trisk’ has garnered the attention of his fellow students, teachers, and even the administration at Princeton High School, impressed with both the strength of his product and his resolve to make it known to the world. Kenny will be releasing the self-published, professionally distributed book online and through direct distribution in late May.

‘Trisk’ is a science-fiction sports novel set in the future, where a monopoly controls all aspects of America’s most popular sport, Trisk, a high-octane game set in a city where four teams of fifteen brawl for possession of four Trisk Balls in a Battle Royale format. The novel itself focuses on Curtis Powell, a man who dreams of nothing but competing in Trisk on a national scale, but whose naivete lands him at the forefront of a secret political war.

‘Trisk’ deals with themes of teamwork, faith, loss and bereavement, and societal decay. It is 443 pages long and will be published in late May. For more information, visit www.triskbook.com or visit the ‘Trisk’ page on Facebook.

Kenny Xu has enlisted the help of the PHS Student Council to create an event to promote his novel. He has maintained a Facebook page for his novel that commands the viewership of one-fourth of the peers in his grade, many of whom he does not know personally. He has also teamed up with his school librarian and various English teachers to search for ways to expand the reach of ‘Trisk’ beyond PHS and into the Princeton community and beyond.

After writing four unpublished novels, Kenny Xu began work on ‘Trisk’ at the age of fourteen, while still living in Virginia. He moved to Princeton in August of 2012 and finished work on his novel there. He attributes his love of writing to the many experiences on which he and his family have embarked, including a tour of Europe and many a destination across the United States. For more information, contact Kenny through his website.

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