The Dueling Pianos

cellar lounge

Two Pianos is twice as nice (and way more fun) by Nicole Marino Mathews

If you are like me you probably haven.t heard of dueling pianos; and if you have, congratulations – you had the scoop first. I had heard of this great show being performed at the new Cellar Lounge and Microbar located inside The Hamilton Manor in Hamilton, NJ. I wasn.t sure what to expect so I jumped in the car Thursday night to check it out for myself.

I didn.t google .dueling pianos. first as I wanted to experience it for myself. Got to The Cellar Lounge a half hour before the show started and ordered some tapas off the bar menu. OMG The Cellar sliders were pure beef heaven. I am still dreaming of them..but I digress..back to the pianos.

Before the show began I was handed a song request form. I listed my faves – .Single Ladies., .Baby Got Back., and of course some Billy Joel (don.t judge me, I dig him). Then – showtime. To get my requests played I submitted my request slip to the dueling piano players along with an .incentive. ie: a tip to play my song. If someone else gives the piano player a bigger .incentive. for their request, your song is over. My $4 .incentive. got me almost to the end of .Baby Got Back. but I was outbid by a Beatles Song. No one appreciates good music anymore.hence the Duel!

The piano players themselves are really funny and super talented. They can go from Britney Spears right to Elton John; now that.s some range. The crowd loved it; everyone in the lounge sang along to .We Are the Children. by Whitney Houston by the end of the night. When is the last time that happened to you?

With two small children I don.t get out much; so I demand alot of FUN in my outings, and Dueling Pianos delivered and then some! Great for a date, fun for a group, and a girl.s night out would be a blast here. got the inside scoop as this event isn.t listed anywhere on their site. Check em out – Dueling Pianos at The Cellar Lounge and Microbar located on Rt. 156 in Hamilton, NJ. 609-581.0560

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