The Balanced Guy: On Tubing the Delaware

If you’re busy constructing your family’s calendar of warm-weather activities (or even if you’re more of a last-minute kind of person), think about adding tubing down the Delaware to your grand summer scheme. I’ve done it a few times in the past, and my wife and I are already making plans to take the kids later this month.

Not sure where to start? There are some local outfitters ready and waiting to help you get prepared for your day of fun on the river: Delaware River Tubing (in New Jersey) and Bucks County River Country (in Pennsylvania). It’ll cost you about $20 per person; rates drop a bit during the week and are higher on weekends. After arriving and picking up a tube, a bus will take you upstream to one of several drop-off points, depending on how long a trip you want to take (they can range from about two hours to a few hours). Once you’ve picked your spot, you just hop into your tube and you’re off to enjoy an afternoon of floating lazily down the river. In most places, the river is shallow enough to stand in and moves along at a leisurely pace, and the scenery, dotted with summer cottages, wooded areas, fields, and even some rocky cliffs, is really beautiful. And remember to bring provisions: Pack a cooler with drinks and sandwiches (and don’t forget the rope to tie it to your tube) for lunch on the river, or stop off at the River Hot Dog Man to grab a bite along the way.

The writer of The Balanced Guy, Roman Horoszewski, is not particularly balanced but he’s trying to be. He makes an effort by not only doing “guy stuff,” but also by spending time with his three sons and wife while attempting to remain informed about the world around him. He and his family live in the Princeton, N.J. area. His blog is at

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