The Balanced Guy: On Pizza

I have no idea how, in New Jersey, pizza chains like Papa Johns, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut actually make any money, let alone the owners not be run out of town on a rail. It baffles me why anyone would want to eat ketchup-on-cardboard when we’ve got the best freakin’ pizza in the country right here!

Of course, a sure way to start a lively argument in “Joisey” is to claim one local pizza joint has better pizza than another. So, let’s start an argument: Feel free to tell me I know nothing about pizza. I’m no food critic, but I know of two pretty darn good places in the area and I don’t give a thinly sliced piece of pepperoni if you think they stink. I like them … but I am always willing to try new ones. One of my local faves is Conte’s Pizza on Witherspoon Street in Princeton. Great atmosphere and people watching, and you’ve gotta love that they serve pitchers of beer, too. I get the feeling the place used to be a VFW or Elks hall—it has that big, open feeling to it—but I like it. Definitely old-school. Try the garlic pizza.

Another great local place is Aljon’s Pizza & Sub Shop on Route 571 in Princeton Junction and not too far from the train station. It’s in a 70s-era strip mall and has wonderfully awful interior decorating: lots of pictures and posters of Italian futbol teams. There’s usually a soccer game on the T.V., with an announcer screaming in Italian, which blends in perfectly with the kitchen and counter staff yelling at each other in Italian. Now that’s a pizza joint.

The writer of The Balanced Guy, Roman Horoszewski, is not particularly balanced but he’s definitely trying to be. He makes the effort by not only doing “guy stuff” but also by spending time with his three sons and wife while attempting to remain informed about the world around him. He and his family live in the Princeton, N.J. area.  His blog is @

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