The Balanced Guy: On Cool Pools

If, like me, you live in Central Jersey and are a bit of an architecture aficionado, I highly suggest you take a trip over to Hightstown and check out the new pool at The Peddie School. A pre-fab, steel building with a cee-ment pond it ain’t. Don’t get me wrong, steel pre-fabs are fantastic in that they serve a particular purpose, but when you can afford not to worry about the price tag, you get some nice options—like Peddie’s all-glass skin that is lit up blue at night, making the whole place look like the Beijing Olympics Water Cube in miniature.

The press release from the school says, “At 35 meters long and 25 yards wide, the pool can accommodate 15 lanes while utilizing an eco-friendly filtering system that will save thousands of gallons of water. The structure, designed by the architectural firm RMJM Hillier, uses many materials and products that decrease energy consumption and deliver daylight to the building’s interior spaces.”

I’ve been watching the construction progress for the past year as I drop off and pick up my son from swim practice at Peddie each evening, and I’m excited for his club team, Peddie Aquatics, to move over from the old Sprout Pool. It’s a great addition to our area and continues the strong tradition of swimming at the school and club which includes among its alumni Nelson Diebel, double Olympic Gold Medal winner at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona; 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist BJ Bedford, as well as several other Olympians. Pretty cool.

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