Sample Sales for Moms and Kids

By Nicole Marino Mathews

I.m in with the in crowd…

Back in my younger years I use to hang out at an array of nightclubs; picture a red velvet rope and there I was there cutting the line. Now if I had to wait longer than 2 minutes to get in I was devastated; it couldn.t have been that I wasn.t cool enough, was it?! Ugh, if that was my only hang-up these days I.d consider myself a lucky girl… But that.s a whole other .Dr. Phil. blog.

Most of our readers are beyond the nightclub scene and if you aren.t, well there aren.t exactly many nightclubs here in Princeton. So ladies, I present you. your very own red velvet rope. And lucky for you, I.m the door gal, ready and able to let you into the world of! I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for a Quinny stroller for my son. It was an invitation only sample sale…Invitation! What?! I need in, and I need in now! I submitted my plea to the .contact us. section and was granted access. *cue sounds of a great big gospel .hallelujah. here*. I was too late for the Quinny, they sold out by the time I was considered worthy of entrance, but since then been a dedicated btrendie girl. Baby shower gifts, clothes for my kids and even for myself- all at sample sale prices.

PrincetonScoop always tries first to promote our local businesses but we couldn.t resist giving you the inside scoop on this site. The deals are too good not to share. Plus, I couldn.t find a local Quinny dealer anywhere..

Btrendie is offering Princeton Scoop readers an open invitation to their online sales. Just click on the link and register your name and password. Hurry the invitation ends November 15, 2009.

Welcome to your newest shopping addiction…it.s better than a nightclub anyway.

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