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Tigerlabs, a digital health venture capital fund and entrepreneurship center, is excited to announce the launch of Digital Health Innovation in Context 2014 located in the heart of the healthcare industry in Princeton, the conference will be its first and one of a kind for New Jersey. The conference will be held at the Westin Forrestal Village in Princeton, NJ on Thursday, April 24th.


The bedrock of the healthcare industry is fracturing. As traditional business lines dry up,digital health and the lean startup movement are emerging as high growth paths to success. But innovation is not easy. Sales cycles in healthcare are disastrously long.  Lean, rapid innovation within corporations can prove impossible. Investment opportunities are bets on the unknown. So what can be done to maximize the potential of the digital health revolution across healthcare? The conference will aim to answer just that with the help of more than 30 distinguished panelists and speakers that widely represent the industry, spanning from national healthcare-specific executives, investors, to startup professionals and thought leaders.


“I am thrilled to be able to showcase and highlight what we at Tigerlabs already know – the Princeton area is directly at the intersection of major innovation in healthcare” says Bert Navarrete, Tigerlabs CEO and Managing Director. “By hosting the Digital Health Innovation in Context event, we want to bring these discussions to the heart of the industry, and Tigerlabs is helping to continue to create an environment where the connections between big corporates, entrepreneurs, and investors becomes even more connected and personal.”


Bridging the gap between established corporations and digital health startups across the healthcare landscape, the conference provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to gather and identify the key challenges in digital health and opportunities to achieve success through exposure to innovative models currently being employed.


For more information about joining or partnering with Tigerlabs, visit or contact Partner and Program Director James Smits 609-759-0232 or


For more information and to register for the conference, please visit


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