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An Italian osteria has opened in the historic village of Kingston. Chef-owner Tino Proccacini, owner of past-favorite La Principessa restaurant also of Kingston, is now making artisanal thin-crust pizzas, salads, antipasti and panini for the deprived and grateful residents of surrounding environs. This authentic Italian restaurant is extremely welcome in a charming town that also includes Eno Terra, another fine Italian restaurant that cooks with locally-sourced ingredients. Just like Eno Terra, Osteria Procaccini selects simple, whole ingredients that are sustainable, organic and local whenever possible.

Osteria Procaccini is also a restaurant that presents cuisine cooked in the authentic Italian tradition. It is an osteria in the true sense of the word, as their menu proclaims “a humble village eatery where a warm welcome awaits you.”  Their prosciutto di parma, ham, and sausage meats are all nitrate-free. They use quality ingredients, bake their pizzas in a terra cotta brick oven, and their food is free of artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, flavors, and hydrogenated fats. Not only that, the restaurant is “green” in its commitment to recycling, composting waste, cleaning with natural agents and using paper products from 100% recycled materials.

Chef Tino Procaccini grew up spending vacations in his family’s village of Petoranello, Italy. He has a business management degree from Rider University but was taught how to cook by his family. Our waiter told me that the restaurant opened about a month ago and has been busy ever since.

We ordered the “il Tartufo di Gianni” pizza. My only quibble is that the waiter told us they were individual pizzas, and maybe some people could eat a whole pie but I’m not one of them. Probably I could’ve shared one pizza with my 12-year-old, but I must admit he devoured all but one slice of his Tartufo and still had room for a large cannoli, so who knows.

At any rate, the pizza was similar to a Neapolitan pizza in its thin crust but wasn’t as crispy. His methods are not only honorable but successful in producing tasty thin-crust pizza, with fresh mozzarella and savory sausage. It is clear that Osteria Procaccini has committed to creating dishes with quality ingredients.

Creamy, fresh mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, savory Applegate Farms nitrate free sausage and a tangy tomato sauce made with organic San Marzano tomatoes comprised this beautiful and cosmic il Tartufo di Gianni pizza. To top it off, it was finished with white truffle oil imported from Italy. Not sure where else you can experience pizza made with such finesse. It’s a little piece of Italy quite welcome to the Princeton area.

My son enjoyed his cannolli that finished off the meal, while I was pleased with my cappuccino. While it was not as superb as the latte from Cafe Lavazzo , it was still of a higher standard than cappuccino from the cafes and coffeehouses that have proliferated the area in recent years.

 Osteria Procaccini :: 4428 Rt 27 N  Kingston, NJ  609-688-0007


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