One Simple Wish

If you got into the spirit of the season and started your spring cleaning this past weekend, you probably have a bag or two (or 12) of all manner of things that you are planning to donate to a good cause. And perhaps, among jeans that no longer fit, the piles of children’s toys, and the VHS tapes you were saving just in case DVDs became a thing of the past (it could happen), you accumulated a pile of costume jewelry and/or girl’s formalwear. If so, we have the perfect place to donate it all: Rouge in Princeton to benefit One Simple Wish.

This week, bring any and all donations of girl’s formalwear and costume jewelry to Rouge (51 Witherspoon Street, Princeton; 609.921.0280 or and you’ll save 20% on your entire purchase. One Simple Wish will distribute your dresses and jewelry to local teens who can’t afford to purchase something new for their proms and graduations. A simple and simply brilliant way to give to someone less fortunate.

One Simple Wish was created in August of 2008 by West Trenton resident Danielle Gletow to allow any caring individual to grant a wish to an at-risk child with a donation that directly impacts that child’s life. As the mother to daughters, Liliana, and two-and-a-half-year-old Mia (who was adopted via the foster care system), as well as to four other foster children over the years, Danielle and her husband, Joe, desperately wanted to bring attention to the fact that in 2009 there were 8,353 children in the foster care system in the state of New Jersey. She also was motivated by the many people she met during her years in interactive marketing who would tell her that they would give more money to charity if they knew where their money was going—and if it actually was helping a family or a child. Thus, One Simple Wish was born to focus on the needs of foster kids and other children in at-risk environments.

PrincetonScoop is thrilled to be supporting this amazing local organization and we hope you can lend a hand, too. The One Simple Wish Web site features “wishes” from hundreds of homeless and/or impoverished families and foster children who make special requests through a network of established nonprofits and religious organizations. Potential donors can search the database of wishes and make a small miracle happen for someone in need. Many wishes are for simple things, such as:

A new household appliance

A new outfit for school

A gift certificate for a family dinner out

Movie tickets

A camera or music player

A trip to an amusement park or museum

School supplies

A tutor

Music lessons

Experiences such as “Policeman for a Day” or “Horseback Riding”

One Simple Wish makes it simple for someone like you and I to bring much-needed joy into the lives of a deserving child or family. And so, for this week, if you haven’t done it already, get into your closets and get cleaning. Who knows what you’ll find and whose wish you’ll be able to grant in the process.

Melissa Klepacki is the founder of PrincetonScoop. E-mail her at

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