Meow…..Minx Nails

By Pscoop Blogger Nicole Marino Mathews

minx 1

If like me and a celebrity magazine junkie (or have picked up the October issue of Vogue.p.. 268) you might have heard of Minx nails, if not let me school you in a little lesson we.ll call Minx 101.

Minx Nails have been popping all over the celebrity scene these days, and I HAD to try them! I went on to locate a trained technician in our area. Jackpot! Ebony from Nails by Ebony and Beyond the Fringe Nail Salon was right near Princeton. The demand was high, and I had to wait for almost 2 weeks for these babies.

Minx Time! When I met Ebony I knew it was going to be a great day! She is super cool and really knows her Minx. I got to pick from a binder full of Minx, there were so many to choose from. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I opted for a gold diamond design. After my fantastic manicure it was time. lay that Minx on me! The coatings are heated under a lamp dryer to make them flexible and warm the adhesive. Ebony then lined up the rounded edge with the cuticle and, while lightly dragging, presses the coating onto the nail. Ebony used a hair dryer, after applying, to help the coatings seal onto my nails, like shrink wrap, before using the Minx glass nail file to remove the excess. It was that simple! The Minx seal will slowly break away from my real nail leaving no damage because there are no chemicals used. Yay Bonus.I have environmentally friendly nails.

I have been getting compliments on them from men and woman of all ages, it.s not for the shy, they do make a statement. I.m loving my, .Look at Me. nails.

minx toes

Ebony from Nails by Ebony and Beyond the Fringe Salon can be reached at (908)884-4468. She is offering up a minx-tastic deal to the Princeton Scoop peeps! In HOME application of Minx for your fingers, regularly $50, now $40. And for the piggy.s, regularly $80, now $70. And if you want to Minx it out.. BOTH hands and feet for $90. Just mention Princeton Scoop when you call to book your appointment.

That’s your fabulous scoop. Go play!

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