It's all about the pie.

By Guest Blogger: Sarah Vander Schaaff

In my house, when someone says the pie tastes homemade – it is not a compliment. You see, baking is a science, and I was a theatre major. I recently started a small fire in the oven trying to make cupcakes. But, as I write this, there is less than a week before Thanksgiving and I intend on having some pretty wonderful pies for dessert that day. In fact, I just placed my order for them this morning.

The Village Bakery in Lawrenceville is one of those places that remind you of just how lucky you are to live in this part of New Jersey. The executive pastry chef and owner, Karen Child, trained in New York City under the famous Nick Malgieri. Everything, from the Frenchman who works to front counter to the food itself is special. And this bakery is a part of our community—the apples in their apple pie come from just down the road at Terhune Orchards.

I asked Karen’s husband and partner, Bo Child, how they managed to fill all the orders, (can you image making more than 60 pies) and he said Karen practically sleeps at the bakery. But, I was happy to hear how they spend their Thanksgiving afternoon: they go to a friend’s house and let others do the cooking. See, even the best get some help now and then.

The menu for Thanksgiving ordering includes: assorted Artisan, Brioche, or Snowflake Rolls ($6/dozen) Apple Crumb Pie ($20), Pumpkin Pie($15), Frangipane Tart with Apricots and Berries ($28),New York Cheesecake and Fresh Berries ($25),Savory Bread Pudding (a great vegetarian substitute for stuffing) ($35), Sweet Bread Pudding ($35), Vanilla or Chocolate Cake ($25)and Carrot Cake($35). All orders must be placed by twelve noon on Tuesday, November 24.

The Village Bakery: 609-896-0036, Located at 2 Gordon Avenue in Lawrenceville, just off of Main Street.  You can pick up before Thursday, but if you need to get someone off the couch, it’s a great errand on Thanksgiving morning, when they are open from 7am to noon.

So, on Thanksgiving morning, I am going to send my Dad out to pick up the pies and some warm muffins for breakfast. Then I can focus on the turkey and making sure I don’t cook it upside down again this year.


Sarah is a writer, drama teacher and mother of two. Her personal blog, with weekly posts and polls on motherhood, can be found at :

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