Dr. Mom

By Nicole Marino Mathews

I never loved going to the doctor before I had kids.  And now the thought of going with kids in tow, or using their precious school time for a doctor visit is the perfect excuse for putting off a visit.  But the truth of the matter is, now that I have kids I know I really should be going to make sure I’m still healthy. Well I am assuming that I’m healthy but my last “check up” was when I was in labor with my youngest. Needless to say taking care of me is the last thing on my To Do list.  So when I heard of two mom doctors joining forces to open their own practice I had to investigate. Doctors who understand the pain and drain of sleep deprivation, the constant desire for more energy and finally someone besides the crew at music class to actually listen to me. Appointment please!

Lawrenceville Internal Medicine is run by Dr. Sarah Werbel and Dr. Kimberly Oasis. Both are moms of 3 & 6 year olds.  They are coming together with the goal of creating a small, personal practice where patients feel welcomed and secure. A practice where when you call to speak to the doctor you actually get to speak to the doctor, even after hours and weekends. It seems so retro and to me, INVALUABLE.
Lawrenceville Internal Medicine is set to open January 11, 2010 and is booking appointments now. Don’t miss your chance to get in before the wait gets too long. Most insurance accepted, check out http://lawrencevilleinternalmedicine.com/home for more information.





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