Did you get your tickets to A Christmas Carol?

From Story to Stage
Posted by Adam Immerwahr On McCarter’s Blog on November 19th, 2009

Last year, we sat down with David Thompson (who wrote the adaptation of A Christmas Carol that McCarter has been using) to discuss the play and how he adapted Dickens. novella into what has become a favorite holiday-season entertainment throughout the entire region.

There is great YouTube Video, an interview with David Thompson: CLICK HERE

Does it feel like it.s too early for us to be talking about A Christmas Carol? In most places, the holiday season doesn.t start until after Thanksgiving. Right? But here at McCarter, we started rehearsals for A Christmas Carol in early November. So in one half of our building, it feels like Christmas Eve every day!

Posted by Adam Immerwahr, Producing Associate at McCarter Theatre.

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