Circuit Training For Busy Moms


**Even the busiest folks can incorporate this mini workout into a daily schedule.  We thought it was worth a re-post.**

Busy moms are always asking me for quick, full-body workouts they can do at home. Getting to the gym is not always possible with the enormous amount of commitments we make, and we often do not make it a priority. But, instead of finding time to work out, we need to make time. The better we take care of ourselves, the more we can do for others that rely on us throughout the day. The solution to saying fit on a tight schedule is Circuit Training. If you aim to fit in 10-15 minutes of circuit training a couple times a day (i.e. while dinner is in the oven, those few minutes before picking the kids up at school, etc), you’ll have more energy for all the exhausting things life throws at you.

To get the maximum value from a circuit workout, your heart rate should be up for at least 10 minutes. Therefore, all exercises should be done one right after another without a break until the end.

Here is a great At-Home-Circuit Workout:

10-12 push-ups
These can be done from knees or toes.

10-12 dips
Turn your back to face a sturdy chair– I even do these on the bathtub!– hands behind you – keep wrists close together – move your body down slowly and up for each dip.

10 “oops! I dropped it!”
Drop something such a small toy or ball at least two feet from you (have your kids drop it! The giggles from this game will work off a few exercises too) and pick it up quickly and drop it again.

16 alternating lunges
Lunge back on left leg then lunge on right leg.

20 “mountain climbers”
Put your hands and feet in the push-up position. Bring left knee into right elbow, alternate, right knee into left elbow.

10 squats
Squat and touch the ground with right hand. Stand up. Then squat and touch ground with left hand.

If you have extra time, put three upbeat songs on your iPod and dance to them throughout the day.

Think of exercise as a fun, stress and worry free time to yourself. Make it a priority at least 4 times a week. You will see the difference in the way you look and the way you feel!

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Amanda Caswell is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer specializing in fitness and nutrition for children and adults, sports performance, and weight loss programs. Amanda has run 22 marathons and is currently training for a triathlon.