Hey Princetonians..PScoop is on a mission to make events at the University more accessible to our community. By making sure you have good directions, knowing you can ask if you get lost, and telling you about the coolest happenings on the other side of Nassau Street we hope you.ll take advantage of the great programming on the U Campus. Much of what we.ll share with you is free. Can you say, .Best recession date ever!. That said.what are you doing September 22?

Get out and see the Composer.s Ensemble performance on campus at Taplin Auditorium in Fine Hall. It is a great opportunity to try something new and did we mention it is FREE? Want a preview what you.ll be enjoying? Check out this link: which is Janus playing on YouTube.


Tuesday.s performance of the Composers Ensemble of Princeton details:

JANUS: New works blown/plucked/bowed joined by Jason Treuting from So Percussion and Professor Daniel Trueman, fiddle. Works by Michelle Nagai, Sean Friar, N. Cameron Britt, Konrad Kaczmarek, Ryan Brown, Mark Dancigers & Professor Daniel Trueman, fiddle.

Directions to Taplin: From town take a right onto Washington Road, then turn left on Ivy Lane.There’s a BIG parking lot to the left – park there. Walk toards a TALL building south of the parking lot down the green hill. Once you reach this tall building (Fine Hall), walk left until you reach the eastern-most entrance to the building. Taplin Auditorium is located on the second floor. There will be signs to guide you. Want a map of campus? Go here:

Lastly: More about Janus

Brooklyn based janus was formed in 2002 with the goal of presenting and creating new repertoire for the trio through commissioning projects and works-in-process collaborations. Named after Janus, the Roman god whose double-faced image peers into the past and future, the trio maintains the established tradition for the instrumentation while breaking new ground into unexplored sonic frontiers. Beginning with Debussy and including Toru Takemitsu, Harald Genzmer, André Jolivet, Sophia Gubaidulina and Kaija Saariaho, composers have been allured by this intriguing combination of something bowed, something blown and something plucked. Members are Amanda Baker, flute; Beth Meyers, viola; and Nuiko Wadden, harp.

If you cannot attend the concert, an audio stream is available during the event. Visit the Music Department’s homepage at concert times to access the stream.

…and that’s the Scoop.

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