About Us

PrincetonScoop is your source for all things local in the Greater Princeton, New Jersey area. We carefully curate everything and deliver to you what we think are the best things that Princeton has to offer. Dedicated to bringing Social Media to even the most technology-terrified, PrincetonScoop is the leading Social Media Company in the Greater Princeton, New Jersey area.
We also advertise, consult for, and re-brand local Princeton businesses. We have affordable solutions in simple dynamic website design services, logo and brand identification, in-store promotions as well as lessons in all the social media platforms you could be using to promote your business. We’ll even create your LinkedIn profile for you and teach you how to use one of the most powerful online networking sites out there.

Check out these stats:

12,650+ Princeton-area local Fans on Facebook, visiting us daily
9,500+ loyal followers on Twitter, reading us hourly
3,500+ dedicated readers, reading us weekly via Newsletters
3,650+ followers on Instagram

What We Do:

PrincetonScoop is a cultural ambassador for the Princeton area. Local readers follow us to stay in the know and find out what’s happening. We’ll share our platform with your brand to keep you top of mind and tip of tongue.
Our services include:

  • Advertising to Our Local Audience – via our social media channels.
  • Small Business Marketing & Branding Strategy – analyzing your current practices and taking them to the next level.
  • Social Media Consulting & Account Management – no time to do it yourself? Let us do it for you!
  • Facebook Set Up & Advertising – build your Facebook page & get people to follow it.
  • Instagram and Pinterest Set Up & Training – Get your brand onto the hottest new social media channels (but only if they’re right for your business.)
  • Email Marketing – Make your email contact list work for you! Bring those customers through your door.

Since we’ve told you what we are, you also should know what PrincetonScoop is not. We are not a directory, so you won’t find information about every in the business Princeton area. We are not all inclusive: because we are carefully curated, we only provide our audience with what we think you really want and need to know about; we sift through the clutter so you don’t have to. That said, don’t expect to find every event, promotion, and garage sale within a 20-mile radius. There are plenty of other Web sites that will do that for you if you’d like. However, we promise that if you follow us, you always will be “in the know” about the best things Princeton has to offer.

Melissa Hall Klepacki

Melissa Klepacki is the Founder of The Scoop, Inc and PrincetonScoop – Princeton, New Jersey’s first Social Media Marketing and Advertising Agency. Melissa started her marketing career with RedBull Energy Drink in Boston in 1999, worked in New York City in high-tech during the internet hey-day til its demise and started 2 other companies prior to founding PrincetonScoop. She holds a B.S. from Boston University from their School of Education and a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture…go figure. She lives in the Princeton area with her husband and 2 little Scoops. She likes french fries, bourbon, chapstick and dreams of owning a Manitowoc flake ice machine.

Jacqui Alexander
Director of Business Development

Jacqui Alexander is the Director of Business Development at PrincetonScoop. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Jacqui made a career out of her two favorite activities: being creative, and talking to as many people as possible. These jobs included running a nonprofit art gallery, working for the marketing team at Whole Foods Market and coordinating art shows, fundraising events & pouring espresso at Small World Coffee. In 2011, she launched her own social media and marketing agency, Jacquilope, and hasn’t slowed down! When she’s not behind a computer screen, you’ll find Jacqui exploring the woods with her boyfriend & dogs, or in her studio with a fist full of paintbrushes.

Leslie Pell
Director of Sales

Leslie is the Director of Sales at Princeton Scoop. At the end of the day Leslie likes to make things and make things happen. This inner spirit led her to Madison Avenue and the world of advertising 20 years ago. She grew up in London, spent most of her career in N.Y.C., but Princeton has captured her heart and will always be home. She loves nothing more than brainstorming about a local business and creating fresh ideas to help drive business through the door. Winter finds her chasing snow and on skis. Summer the waves at the NJ shore chase her. But you can always reach her 24/7.

Reesa Lewandowski
Director — PrincetonScoopKids

After fumbling through the first few years of motherhood, Reesa found it her passion to enlighten fellow parents on how to take time to enjoy their lives and take the stress out of parenthood. When not working on her own blog she heads up the PrincetonScoopKids team. Reesa started her career as a digital influencer in 2010 and enjoys seeing the local community put into the media spotlight. Reesa lives in Mercer County with her 2 young children and her husband.

Carl Stoltenberg
Chief Design Officer

When Carl is not helping to create brilliant graphics for PrincetonScoop, he is the CEO and founder of Howard Design Group in Princeton. HDG is an award-winning creative powerhouse, specializing in business-to-business, education, nonprofit, and consumer marketing communications. Carl and wife Diane (co-owner of HDG) have three big scoops and a brand new grand-daughter scoop. Carl plays guitar and sings with the SpringHill Band and you can find him regularly on the sidelines of a Special Olympics game, coaching and learning about the truly important things in life.

Jared Witt
Outside Counsel

When Jared is not busy keeping us Scoopers out of trouble, he runs his law firm, Witt Law. Jared concentrates his legal practice in the fields of business, commercial, and real estate law. He represents businesses and individuals in matters dealing with day-to-day business and legal issues, business organization & governance, compliance, contracts & employment issues, as well as more extraordinary matters, such as business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, financing (debt and equity), and real estate. Jared is involved in the local community, serving on local government committees, as the public defender in Rocky Hill, on a local non-profit board, and as a coach of his daughters’ basketball and softball teams. Other than that, Jared spends as much time as he can with his family, outdoors and playing guitar.