A Plainsboro Gem

By Contributing Blogger: Rebecca I. Khaitman

Across Rt. 1 off Plainsboro Road is a gem of a place called Bagel Street Grill. Their specialty is, you guessed it, bagels. Being a native New Yorker, I know my bagels. I also know my pizza, but that.s a different story altogether! Anyhoo. hands down, Bagel Street Grill has the highest quality bagels I have ever tasted in my 15 or so years of now living in New Jersey. It really does bring a piece of New York to Central New Jersey.

There are so many parts to a good bagel (believe it or not) that it.s necessary to dissect its yummy goodness:

What makes a good bagel?

the outside . smooth, shiny, and crispy.

the inside . chewy, dense, and can come in all kinds of varieties of dough (sourdough, rye, etc.).

toppings . bagels allow for either sweet or savory varieties . from chocolate chip bagels to asiago cheese.

Bagel Street Grill has countless varieties of bagels . including all the different kinds mentioned above. My personal favorite is an old (old, old) classic: a sesame bagel with cream cheese and lox.

Bagel Street Grill is owned and operated by Jim and Doug, brothers who.ve been in the business for decades. Back in college they got their start in a bagel shop as a part-time gig. Back then, this bagel shop was only one of very few in New Jersey. Getting their feet wet before the bagel explosion, they learned tried and true techniques from their boss. To this day, they still use these techniques, with their own spin of course. First opening a store in Hamilton they moved operations to Plainsboro. It.s now their sole location.

I asked Jim the all-important million dollar question: What’s the secret to a great bagel? His answer was simple and surprising: he says it.s all in the water. From the water used to make the dough to the water used to boil the bagels. How interesting that such a simple ingredient is the glue that holds it all together! Jim also says that the environment of a store is just as important as the quality of the food. They aim to make their customers feel they can .get away., if just for a short time, when they.re getting their morning coffee and bagel or picking up lunch. Give them variety and great customer service . make it an experience, he says. This will keep people coming back again and again. The small-town feel when you stop in at Bagel Street Grill is not an easy thing to create, but Jim has achieved this flawlessly.

So next time you.re in the supermarket, avoid the freezers and bread section . make your way over to Bagel Street Grill where the pros are making fresh and delicious bagels that.ll make any sandwich or breakfast better. They also make great sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. It.s not just the bagels. They have a full menu that would satisfy anyone. After trying the bagels, we know you’ll be back in for lunch! My top non-bagel recommendation: the hot roast beef wrap.

We promise it’s worth the trip and if you see Jim or Doug be sure to tell them PrincetonScoop sent you.

Coming up next: another slice of NJ . stay tuned.

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