100 Women, 100 Ways, 100 Days

Hey, ladies: Want to take part in a great community event? 100 Women, 100 Ways, 100 Days is a celebration of community, energy, and the incredible and indomitable spirit of womenThe Breast Cancer Resource Center is challenging 100 women each to raise $100 in 100 days; that’s $10,000 to support the Center’s free programs and services for women affected by breast cancer with support groups, counseling, wigs and prosthetics, wellness classes, financial assistance, and more.

So, how can you get involved? First, visit ywcaprinceton.org/100women to download the project guidelines and the registration form. Complete the form and fax, e-mail, or mail it in to The Breast Cancer Resource Center. Once it has been received, you will get a project pack including promotion templates, giveaways, and donation instructions. And because we are oh-so good to you, here are some fresh ideas to get you on the right path to $100 in 100 days:

*Host a cocktail party/dinner/brunch

*Ask your 10 best friends for $10

*Have a neighborhood yard-work party

*Sell handmade jewelry or artwork

*Host a casino night

*Spring clean and sell your haul to a consignment shop, like jane or Green Street Consignment; bring the kid’s clothes to Milk Money; or have your  own yard sale

*Babysit, pet-sit, dog walk

*Keep a donation cup on your desk at work

The 100 Women, 100 Ways, 100 Days project ends on Mother’s Day. So, get cracking, friends.  —MK

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